Ocean of Concerns: Looking at Water Pollution.

The ocean is always such a beautiful and powerful force. While we admire her beauty, we must learn to respect her strength and weaknesses. She may take lives, but hers is also at risk.

You may be polluting the ocean and not realizing it! By throwing your recyclables into the garbage instead of your blue bin, you could be contributing to the shocking water pollution statistics. Land-based trash* accounts for 80% of ocean pollution. These substances harm the natural ocean wildlife and, in turn, us.

*Land-based trash includes pesticides, untreated sewage, and plastics.

Untreated sewage dumped into nearby water. Image Source: http://www.theecoambassador.com/WaterPollutionPictures.html

Untreated sewage dumped into nearby water. Image Source: The Eco Ambassador

It’s not only chemicals that affect marine life. About 95% of ocean litter is caused by plastics. Approximately 260 million tonnes of plastic is produced every year. Now, imagine 10% of that ending up in our waters. Do the math.

That’s 26 million tonnes of plastic in our oceans every year. Ouch.

Due to the excessive amounts of plastic in our waters, marine wildlife is at great risk. The combination of the water’s CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and the sun’s UV rays causes the plastics to break into tiny pieces; but not decompose. These tiny pieces are then swallowed by fish and water mammals. If the choking doesn’t kill them, then surely the chemicals in which the plastic is composed will.

Image Source: http://www.theecoambassador.com/WaterPollutionPictures.html

Fish killed by pollution. Image Source: The Eco Ambassador

Gyre Image Source: Nation Of Change

Gyre Image Source: Nation Of Change

The solution isn’t as simple as just recycling, though. A lot of damage has already been done to our beautiful waters. The litter that is already damaging can amalgamate creating Gyres. We now have 5 Gyres, or garbage islands, in our oceans. The North Pacific Garbage Patch alone is twice the size of Texas.

Map Of Gyres. Image Source: CBC

Map Of Gyres. Image Source: CBC

However, there is hope. There are foundations all over the world focused on cleaning up mother earth and saving our natural wildlife. Below are a list of places to donate or volunteer:

Of course, do your research into each foundation and make an informed decision before donating. Of course, there are several more places to donate to save our mother earth.

Every penny, helping hand, and loving heart matters.


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