Magic Vs. Magick

When curious people are researching wiccan practices they often find themselves reading about Magick, wondering why it’s spelled differently than they’ve known their whole lives. I know I had trouble adjusting to the extra letter at the end. Once I got further into my practices, I realized that the word “Magick” is a simple way to seperate definitions.

To be magical is to deceive for entertainment means (think magician). To be magickal is to recognize and accept the wiccan way and become one with the magick of nature. Put simply, Magick is the outcome of wiccan practices.

However, things can become more complicated because Magick can mean several different things to several different witches.


As an eclectic witch, my idea of magick may seem off to some people; but that’s the point. Eclectic witchery is gathering beliefs and traditions you relate to and creating something that suits you. That’s what I absolutely love about my beliefs; I never feel out-of-place. What I believe is tailored to me, I’m not changing who I am. I’m never told what I have to believe.

For me, witchery is all about slowing down and feeling the magick in the air. I meditate to achieve my goals. Also, when necessary, I’ll use herbs, candles, crystals and more to focus my energies. I just go with whatever feels right to me; woman’s intuition is an amazing thing when you tap into it. Of course, I always abide by the Rede.

Image Source: The Family Wicca

Image Source: The Family Wicca

This law is simple; Harm no one. Also, keep in mind that what you put out there will come back three-fold. Karma is a powerful force and the Rule of Three multiplies the power, and it knows if you’re trying to twist it to your will. If you practice magick on behalf of someone in need only to receive the good karma, your intentions are not pure. Karma. Will. Get. You.

Never forget to give back, either. If you must take from nature, give her an equal or greater offering for her gift. For example, if you must take Sage first ask, then once she gives it water the plant, weed the garden, pick up any litter nearby, and/or plant a seed for a new plant to grow alongside her.

Magick is beautiful, and can be simple if you understand what you would like from it. It doesn’t have to follow strict rules, beliefs, and traditions; all it needs is you and your love.



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