ORG by Vio: Fair-Trade Bohemian Fashion

Buying beautiful bohemian fashion has never felt so good. ORG* by Vio is a fair trade company supporting artisans in the Amazon rainforest. These eco-friendly products are hand-made using only seeds and natural plant fibers/materials, harvested by artisans in the rainforest.

*Organic Rainforest Goods

Portrait and jewelry design Violeta Villacorta

The knowledge of crafting these exquisite pieces has been passed down through generations for centuries. The care taken to create these pieces shines through and exudes quality craftsmanship. You can truly see the pride of the worker weaved into each creation.

With the many benefits of shopping handmade jewellery, the best part of ORG is the cause. They believe in supporting the people of the Amazon by providing them with means to sell their handiwork. Because the workers receive a fair-trade income, they can put these wages into their community. The Amazon is essential to ecological balance by regulating the world’s climate and providing a substantial amount of medicinal plants used by pharmaceuticals.

Portrait and jewelry design Violeta Villacorta

By shopping the wonderful bohemian fashion at ORG by Vio, you’re supporting a community that’s essential to the future of our planet; having the ultimate guilt-free checkout.

Portrait and jewelry design Violeta Villacorta

To support the Amazon rainforest and their skilled craftsman, visit their website: ORG by Vio


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