Soul History: Gazing Into Your Past Life

Have you ever wondered about your past life? Sometimes you feel like if you better understood who you were, you’d understand who you are now. You feel like you have an old soul; decades, or even centuries, of untapped experiences that could affect who you’ve become in this life.

Soul History

Your background can affect more than you realize. Learning what drives your ambitions and your fears can give you greater insight into where you should go next, rather than wandering in the dark. Personally, it’s my fears which drove me to discover who I was.

After trying the method below, I learned a lot about my past life. I saw myself, with slightly different characteristics. I wore black and white garb and a bonnet. My eyes looked sad, and angry. It was a very emotional experience. There’s something ethereal about looking into your own eyes, as someone else. I realized that the reason I’m so uncomfortable with things too close around my neck was because I was hanged. The reasoning for my past execution is unknown. You will not always have a full time-travel experience, you’ll simply see who you were. I don’t know my former name or what year I was from; but I can speculate based on my garb and fears.

Note: This process can be extremely unnerving for the faint of heart. You may have a very emotional experience; it’s okay to be afraid, to cry. After all, the person you see is a version of yourself that no longer exists on the physical plain.

How to Gaze into Your Past Life

This is a meditative process; this means you will need an indefinite amount of time to focus. Remove any distractions from your magick-working area such as pets, partners, television (However, if you work with a familiar you can include them).

The best time to perform this magick is under the full moon; it will give you the extra power you need to peek behind the veil.

What You’ll Need:

  • Mirror
  • White candle (Fire)
  • Frankincense and/or Myrrh incense (Air)
  • Salt or sand (Earth)
  • Bowl of spring/rain water (Water)

I like to surround myself with each of the elements when practicing magick. It helps with creating a nature-honored sacred space.

How to:

  1. Gather your supplies.
  2. Begin all work by casting a circle. This is your sacred and protected space to practice magick and keep it within boundaries. There’s a great tutorial on how to cast your circle at The Witch’s Spellbook
  3. Place each of your elemental devices in the corresponding compass points

Earth: North

Air: East

Fire: South

Water: West

4. Turn off the artificial lights and place a mirror directly in front of you. The candle should light your face up but not be viewed in the mirror.

5. Gaze into your eyes in the mirror and do some deep breathing exercises. (The exercise you use is completely personal preference)

6. An incantation can help get this going:

Earth, Wind, Flame, and Sea

By the power within show unto me

Days gone by, life of old,

Show the story yet to be told.

Lord and lady I ask of ye,

Show me my past, so mote it be,

Of course, incantation can be changed to suit or not used at all if you’re not comfortable with it.

7. Continue to gaze, relax your eyes. After a while, you may see your reflection changing drastically. It will seem like you’ve stepped away and someone has taken your place.

It’s okay to get emotional at this point.

8. If you’re comfortable, thank your former self for showing themselves, and bid them a farewell when you’re done.

9. You may choose to meditate more at this point.

10. Don’t forget to close the circle when your craft is complete.

I hope this method works well for you. Gazing into your past life isn’t for everyone, and it may take a lot of practice before you see anything. Be patient.

If you’ve seen your past self, feel free to share your experience in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Soul History: Gazing Into Your Past Life

  1. Excellent.. I love past life work, and I can attest it IS worth it. There are many of us that have been here several times, and finding out is half the fun.


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