10 Awesome Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

When Father’s Day rolls around, you’re constantly seeing ties, barbecue sauces, and tacky aprons filling store windows. It’s difficult to choose the right gift when you take environmental concerns into consideration. You want to be conscious of your decision and give your father the amazing gift he deserves. Thankfully, with the volume of Eco-friendly products popping up and the convenience of internet shopping, you can find dad the perfect gift this Father’s Day!

10 Eco-Friendly

1. WeWood Wooden Watch $120.00


Made from 100% wood, this watch is both beautiful and functional. The material’s used don’t contain any toxic chemicals, and it’s hypoallergenic. With this watch your dad can carry a piece of nature with him.

2. Level Ground Columbian Coffee $11.00


For the coffee-loving dad, a fair trade company would be the best option. Level Ground supports small-scale farmers (12 acres of land, or less) and pays a fair price. They also form direct trade relationships by visiting the farmers and producers in person. Talk about community!

3. Soil Saver and Carrier Combo Composter $112.00


Composting is extremely important to our environment. Think of all the organic garbage you’d be keeping out of the landfills and re-purposing it in the garden. This 2-in-1 composter comes with a small carrier bin that can be used in the household then taken to the big bin. If your dad is a gardener, this is a must-have!

4. Wooden Docking Station $46.87


Your dad can put this on his side table in lieu of an alarm clock, not only is it better looking, but you’ll be supporting the artisan directly. This docking station is especially handy for the cooking dad; it’s wide enough to also hold a tablet for easy recipe viewing.

5. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses $37.37


They may be pink, but they are gorgeous. These salt glasses are perfect for the tequila-lover. Himalayan salt is a must-have in every home, and your dad will appreciate the marble-like texture.

6. Bambeco 4-Piece Barbecue Tool Set $49.00


Barbecue tools are always a winner with fathers; I’ve never met a man who doesn’t like to grills. These tools are made with bamboo and recycled stainless steel. They don’t compromise style for sustainability.

7. Bamboo plant


Not only is bamboo beautiful, but there’s a legend saying that bamboo is lucky. This luck is dependent on the look of your plant; there’s a great explanation here. You can find beautiful bamboo at almost every garden centre at reasonable prices. Give your father the gift of good luck!

8. Vital Hemp Hoodie $69.00


Simple yet stylish. This hoodie is made from Hemp and Tencel. There are several benefits to buying hemp clothing, but personally I find comfort the best attribute. This hoodie will keep your dad cozy on rainy nights.

9. DIY Branch Coasters, Free!


Garden Therapy has a great tutorial to make these beautiful coasters. The best part is that if you can find a fallen branch this project is 100% guilt-free. Give dad the gift of upcycled nature!

10. Clean his house with Eco-friendly products

No matter who your dad is, or what he likes, he can deny the offer of a clean house. If you can use Eco-friendly products, that’s even better! Here’s a great infographic on Say Yes To Happy showing green cleaning products that are just lying around the house. Clean house, happy dad!

I’m positive that no matter what you decide to get your dad this Father’s Day he’ll be happy with your efforts. But it doesn’t hurt to go a little green!


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