New Moon Magick: Letting Go of Pain

Tonight is the new moon, and although some people swear all spells are more powerful during the full moon, the new moon has a power of its own. Think of it as a rebirth; this night is the time to release yourself from the bonds of negativity and be free once again. It’s a time of cleansing and renewal.

new moon magick

It’s as simple as remember the three fazes of the goddess; The Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. To me, the moon phases represent the life cycle. The waxing moon is the maiden–young, growing, and learning. The full moon is the mother–full-bodied and powerful. The waning moon is the crone–fading, but wiser with age.

To me, the new moon is the death of the crone, and the birth of the maiden; thus the circle of life continues. With that in mind, consider the new moon a rebirth. It’s the time to clean your slate and start anew. This new moon, I’m going to share how I refresh myself.

The Spell: “Letting Go of Pain”

This spell’s purpose is pretty straightforward–to let go of emotional pain that’s holding you back. It’s crazy how much we hold on to–even if you don’t know it–and this spell will help you work through it.


  • Parchment paper (or regular lined paper)
  • Ink/Pen
  • Cauldron or other fireproof dish
  • Match/lighter
  • White Candle (Fire: South)
  • Incense: Moon and/or Myrrh (Air: East)
  • Sand or Soil (Earth: North)
  • Rain water (Water: West)
  • Herbs: Sage stick, Cinnamon, Bay leaf, lavender


  1. Always cast a circle first. I like to cleanse the circle and myself with a sage smudge. Not only does it smell nice, it’s the most effective for me. (This is when you light the incense and candle, and post the earth, air, fire, and water representations at each compass point)
  2. Within your circle, meditate on and write down all your emotional pain with ink and parchment–full sentences, phrases, people; it doesn’t matter how it’s worded as long as you understand.
  3. Sage Smudge the paper to get rid of immediate negative presence.
  4. Fold the parchment three times, and rip it up three times.
  5. Light each piece on fire and put into cauldron while asking the lord and lady to help you let go.
    By Lord and Lady, I beg of yeThis emotional hold to let go of me
    Fire consume it as it has done
    So that the pain be undone.
    On this night of rebirth
    I take back my self-worth
    I ask ye gods
    to set me free
    This be my will, so mote it be.
  6. Add the herbs to the flame to help cleanse the negativity being released into the air
  7. Sage smudge your hands to cleanse after holding the paper.
  8. Meditate over the flames, picture your emotional pain being burned.
  9. When the fire has completely burned out, you can close the circle.
  10. Release the ashes down a river, and watch them float away. (Or in the wind if you don’t have a river handy)

This spell should leave you feeling fresh and new; ready to face the world in the new moon cycle. Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t feel any pain in the new moon cycle; simply re-perform this spell on the new moon as needed.



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