Boho Baby Botique: Fashion for Your Little One


Being free-spirited with the current bohemian trend is a dream come true. It’s simple to find boho garb in the aisles of Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and even Walmart. But what if you want your (literal) flower child to don beautiful hippie clothing? Never fear, Boho Baby Boutique is here!


This online store is stunningly unique and made with love. Each piece is handcrafted by Kristen from repurposed vintage fabrics, giving it an air of sincerity. The first piece of baby clothing was made from her husbands old button-down shirt; it became a dress for her daughter. This inspired Kristen to thrift and upcycle clothing for public consumption. Kristen’s work exudes pride of craft and beautiful attention to detail.

The best part? She takes custom orders. You can communicate your needs with her via the custom orders page, and even voice whether or not you’d like to upcycle a piece of your own clothing–talk about humanizing the company!


This boutique is an amazing find for boho mama’s everywhere; especially those who can’t sew or otherwise repurpose their clothing due to lack of skills–like me.


Don’t worry if you have a son. though her Look-Book is all girls clothing, she has a little boys section, too!



How cute are these little boho outfits?



Check out her work at Boho Baby Boutique. You will not be disappointed!


6 thoughts on “Boho Baby Botique: Fashion for Your Little One

      • To be honest – before my baby was born I told every family member not to buy any clothes for her with Disney print on it etc, We’ll see when she is old enough to tell me what she wanna wear, but Even then I’ll prefer stylish and uniq clothing – and some basic for messy playdates :))


      • Absolutely understandable! Most of my daughters clothes are hand-me-downs from friends and family, so I didn’t have much of a choice; but now that she has clothing basics, I’d love to get more unique/stylish clothing. The kind of outfits she’ll see in pictures and say “That’s so cool!” (Hopefully….)

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