Chemical-Free Pest Repellent For Pets

I know I haven’t posted in a while, (things have been busy on the home front) but I came across this product, and I simply had to share!
When it comes to our pets, we often worry about their heath as if they’re our own children. We make sure they don’t eat thing like chocolate, couches, and bee’s. However, when our poor furry children get infested with fleas or ticks, we usually have no choice but to go for chemical treatments (which can be extremely costly over the years!). But thanks to Pet Protector, we can forego the store-bought bottles of ick, and repel pests for up to four years!

UntitledPet Protector is a metal disc put on your pet’s collar to repel pests such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, without the use of chemicals. The product is made of high quality steel alloys, which is charged with a combination of scalar waves. These are triggered by your pets movement, or blood circulation, which creates an invisible shield around your pet. This shield repels all sorts of external parasites and insects, and it’s completely undetectable by both humans and animals alike.

Remaining chemical-free creates a world of convenience for individuals, families, and planet earth. If you have small children, for example, you would no longer have to worry about quarantining your pet while she’s being treated. And should your pet or small child become ill from chemicals used, they don’t have the ability to speak up.

Chemicals found in traditional flea treatments have been known to contain poisonous and cancerous materials. These substances are absorbed through the skin, travel through the blood stream, and, therefore, come in contact with vital organs. If a pet parent, or child of a pet parent, were to come in contact with these substances and unknowing touch their face, mouth, or eyes, they’re at risk of serious illness.

The Pet Protector disc acts as a preventative measure. It’s best to attach this disc to their collar before major pest season arrives. However, it’s not hard to kill current pests if needed:

  • Ensure that your pet is free of fleas and ticks by bathing them with your preferred flea shampoo (I swear by Dawn or Sunlight dish soap as an alternative)
  • Use a flea, tick, or head lice comb to pull pests and their eggs
  • Drown pests in water, rubbing alcohol, or vinegar
  • Once your pet is thoroughly washed, attach the Pet Protector Disc to their collar
  • It will take 7-20 days for the disc to take full effect
  • Keep the disc on your pet at all times, even during baths and vet visits.
  • Should the disc come off your pet for more than 2 hours, it will need another 7-20 day transition period.

It’s so simple, it’s crazy. I honestly couldn’t believe this was true. So, of course, I did a search on scams and reviews linking to this company. The only bad things said about this product was that it didn’t kill fleas. In defense of Pet Protector, it’s supposed to be a repellent/preventative measure, used before a problem occurs.

If you’re interested in the disc, and having your pet live a chemical-free, flea/tick/pest-free life, check out their website: Pet Protector


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